The following one-hour presentations appeal to a wide range of audiences. Longer programs can be customized to meet your groups interests and needs.

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Stress Recess
Balancing stress is key to living a healthy and happy life. Explore tools and techniques that will enable you to better manage the stress in your life. Identify your personal stress warning signals and discover ways to balance the negative effects of stress.

Look on the Sunny Side
Positive thinking reduces stress. On average, 70% of our thoughts are negative. Negative thoughts create stress and adversely affect our health. Learn how to stop the cycle of negative self-talk and experience three proven strategies for increasing your ability to see the glass "half-full."

Slowing Down the Speed of Life
It’s easy to get caught up in the stressors of our day-to-day activities and feel driven by our to-do list. How can we slow down long enough to capture the moments of our life? Explore three practical ways of slowing down the speed of your life. Practice breathing exercises you can use any time, any place to relieve tension, quiet your mind, and calm your emotions. Uncover the joy of living at a slower pace.

Stress Relief...Just a Breath Away
The breath is your most readily available tool for relieving stress. Practice fast-acting breathing exercises that release tension, ease worries, and boost your energy. Learn simple techniques that you can use any time, any place to reduce stress.

Live with Less Stress
Building resiliency to stress is crucial for all of us. After all, stress is everywhere and it's not going away. Learn the three characteristics of a stress-hardy person – someone who is optimistic and resilient when faced with stress. Discover how to apply these qualities to your life. Learn to live with less stress.

Coping with Midlife Change
Midlife brings certain challenges – menopause is just one of them. Explore tools and techniques that will enable to better navigate midlife challenges. Practice breathing exercises proven to reduce the intensity of hot flashes, improve sleep, balance mood swings and decrease anxiety. Discover how to take control of your stress and become more resilient during this time of change. Make this the best time of your life.

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